About Us

Mission Statement

We will provide cutting edge therapies revolving around the safe and ethical, pluripotent stem cell therapy protocols developed by a respected Doctor from Austria. Combining this with ground breaking ‘antibiotic protocols’ and coupled with a diet that is designed specifically for the efficacy of these protocols. 



In 2014 Terry discovered a ‘life-changing’ set of medical protocols while living in the Northern Coastal region of Costa Rica. It involved the use of Pluripotent Stem Cells in addition to several additional protocols. The additional protocols involved diet and a stringent set of antibiotic protocols. He made this discovery in a small village in Southern Nicaragua, just north of the Costa Rica border, at a little clinic operated by a somewhat unorthodox and eccentric Doctor from Europe. For almost a year Terry studied this small clinic and the results of their protocols on diseases heretofore termed incurable. He even went through the protocols to learn as much as possible. It was at this point that he made the conscious decisions to devote all of his resources and energy to bringing these protocols to as many people as possible.

PARTNER:  Danny Crosby. We meet when he’s, entire family, my clinics, four people….is an amazing help, the entire family! 

Danny is my closest friend and partner!  

Terry’s and Danny’s next challenge is to reach as many people as possible with this life-changing process. The vision where all can avail themselves of this life-changing methodology and science without using their life-saving. Some will ask the question; “Why can’t I find this in my home state or my home province?” Terry has one response and he prefaces it with the statement that it is a sad commentary but, “There is no money in a cure!”