Miracles Do Happen


These are but a few of the amazing stories surrounding The Genesis Approved Protocols using live Embryonic Stem Cell Therapy and Auto Immune Vaccine Therapy. In addition clinicians administer Electronic Bio Feedback as one of his ‘four’ protocols. The process does not rely on just one treatment the Clinic has created these four indices or protocols that cover every facet of the patients medical diagnosis. There are many, many more stories.





A 58 year old patient suffered a debilitating stroke. He spent -20- months in a wheelchair. He was treated with our Genesis Approved Protocols which includes live Embryonic Stem Cells and Auto Immune Vaccine 2004—2005. Afterwards he no longer needed his wheelchair.


>A 26 year old daughter of a medical colleague has been suffering for two years from asthma. After treatment with the Genesis Approved Protocols of Embryonic Stem Cells and Auto Immune Vaccine Therapy she now has not suffered from asthma for the last five years.

>A 22 year old patient suffered from this chronic disease since birth ( her father, 38, died of an asthma attack, the same thing happened to her grandfather). After application of the Genesis Approved Protocols of live Embryonic Stem Cells and Auto Immune Vaccine therapy the patient has not had any attacks for two years.

Chronic Lyme Borreliosis with Prostate Cancer

>A 55 year old patient confined to a wheelchair. After two treatments with the Genesis Approved Protocols of live Embryonic Stem Cell  therapy he was able to leave the wheelchair six years ago. Since that time he is well and without prostate problems.

Multiple Sclerosis

>A Medical colleague of the Doctor suffered for six years with Multiple Sclerosis. He could only walk 40 meters.  After administering the Genesis Approved Protocols of live Embryonic Stem Cell and Auto Immune Vaccine therapy he now can walk two km with no assistance.

HIV Positive

>Patient 42 year old HIV positive patient was diagnosed negative after the Genesis Approved Protocols of live Embryonic Stem Cell Therapy and Auto Immune Vaccine.

Alzheimer’s Disease

>A 79 year old patient (pianist for many years) could not play piano for the last 6 years. After the approved Genesis Approved Protocols of live Embryonic Stem Cell and Auto Immune Vaccine therapy she now plays the piano again and is living a normal life.

Genital Herpes

>A 28 year old patient suffering from genital herpes for many years and had been unsuccessful in many attempts of conceiving a child. After the Genesis Approved Protocols of live Embryonic Stem Cell and Auto Immune Vaccine Therapy, the herpes disappeared and she became pregnant.


>A 24 year old patient suffered from epileptic seizures for 14 years. After the Genesis Approved Protocols of live Embryonic Stem Cell and Auto Immune Vaccine therapy she now has had no further attacks. The same patient also suffered nine years of premenstrual syndrome. Now she has no further problems before or during her period.

Palsy (Paralysis due to slipped disc)

>A 35 year old patient could not walk and was bed ridden for seven years. After only five days of the Genesis Approved Embryonic Stem Cell and Auto Immune Vaccine therapy, he could walk again perfectly well. Afterwards four members of the same family decided to undergo our therapies for the purpose of rejuvenation.


>A 67 year old patient had not had her period for 17 years. After having received the Genesis Approved Protocols of live Embryonic Stem Cell  and Auto Immune Vaccine therapy as a rejuvenation treatment she went back to having her period two times.

Retinal Detachment

>A 64 year old patient suffered from retinal detachment. The patient was told that it is was already too late for a successful operation. They advised that an operation would only be able to restore 10% of his former visual performance. After Genesis Approved Protocols of live Embryonic Stem Cell and Auto Immune Vaccine therapy and the operation,  100% visual performance again.

Already surgically treated Pancreactic Cancer

>A 56 year old patient was sent home to die by two clinics (life expectancy only days to weeks). After the Genesis Approved Protocols of live Embryonic Stem Cell and Auto Immune Vaccine therapy this wheelchair bound patient was once more able to walk, and move independently and work for eight hours daily.

>A 48 year old patient after operation for her Pancreatic Cancer had no more hope of further survival and had been given up on by numerous University clinics. As a result of the Genesis Approved Protocols of live Embryonic Stem Cell and Auto Immune Vaccine Therapy she survived 5 years 7 months, most of which she was in an excellent general condition with bicycle rides of up to 8 hours.

Anorexia Nervosa

>A 17 year old patient suffered from anorexia nervosa (5 years of suffering from this pathological eating disorder) After treatment with the Genesis Approved Protocols of live Embryonic Stem Cell and Auto Immune Vaccine Therapy, she is now well and at a normal weight.

Senile Maculopathy

>A 55 year old patient suffered from senile maculopathy and was not allowed to drive a car anymore. The visual performance was 5% in one eye and 50% in the other. Since the Genesis Approved Protocols of live Embryonic Stem Cell and Auto Immune Vaccine therapy her visual performance is 80% in the bad eye and 120% in the other eye and she drives once more.

Facial Palsy

>After eight years of an existing, disfiguring facial palsy, this 75 year old patient enjoyed a complete restitution of facial muscle control after the Genesis Approved Protocols of live Embryonic Stem Cell and Auto Immune Vaccine therapy.

State after Breast Cancer surgery

>A 38 year old patient was surgically treated for breast cancer. She also had chemo therapy. Five years later bone metastases were diagnosed. After two more years she received the Genesis Approved Protocols of live Embryonic Stem Cell and Auto Immune Vaccine therapy. Now she is free of metastases for the last seven years. Even I – as the treating doctor – can hardly believe this success!

Degenerative Disc Disease
David Alcox
United States

To Whom It May Concern,

Almost 3 years ago, in 2012, I awoke one morning with severe pain like a red hot iron going from my lower back, down my legs to my kneecap. I couldn’t even stand. I went to my Primary Care Physician (PCP) who prescribed me Oxycodone, and referred me to get an MRI.

The MRI showed slipped and bulging discs in my lower back, and a degenerative disc disease, causing the sciatic nerve pain I had in my lower back and legs. My PCP referred me to a pain management doctor, but they wanted to do spinal injections, which I didn’t want to do, causing the pain management doctor to refer me to an orthopedic spinal surgeon. The surgeon told me he could do the surgery, but he wasn’t confident it would help, could do more harm than good, and recommended that I wait to do the surgery until I could not stand the pain anymore, and go to pain management until then.

For years I went to the pain management doctor, getting spinal injections and very high dose pain medication, just to be able to work a few hours a day, and then come home and lie down to recuperate all night. I was going downhill, getting weaker and weaker, and experiencing continual constipation from the high dose narcotics, to the point where I was worried I wouldn’t be strong enough to survive the surgery. At this point I told my friend, Mike, that I would do the surgery, as I had given up. He told me of a friend, Terry Massey, who had just begun a Medical Assistance company called Genesis Health Services in Northern Costa Rica. Terry was also developing a golf community resort hotel that would offer various medical treatments and surgeries at a reduced cost and with VIP service. Mike said that Terry’s company represented a ‘sister’ clinic in Nicaragua operated that specialized in Live Stem Cell Therapy protocol. Mike had just returned from seeing Terry and the Doctor for treatment of his Peripheral Neuropathy. (He will be writing another wonderful testimonial as to his experience.) A few weeks later Terry happened to be in Las Vegas. My wife and I sat down and talked at length with Terry, discussing all of our questions and concerns with travelling to Central America to seek medical treatment. After talking with him, we felt comfortable that we would be in good hands with Terry and I had nothing to lose. I will admit that from the onset I didn’t have a lot of hope. I had been dealing with this pain for years and a miracle, I felt, would be needed to cause it to go away.

I traveled to Nicaragua, where we were met by Terry. He delivered us to a small out of the way clinic and I was treated by Doctor himself for several days, and then returned home to continue my treatment in the comfort of my own home. In addition to the Doctor’s Embryonic Stem Cell Therapy and Auto Immune Vaccine Therapy. The Clinicians at the clinic also administered Electronic Bio Feedback Therapy which I believe assisted in the immediate easing of sciatic pain. Three (3) days after returning home, my sciatic pain was much improved. After a month of working the program, my pain was 100% gone. I went back to work full-time about 6 weeks after starting the Genesis approved program, for the first time in almost 3 years.

I am very thankful, to both Terry and Doctor and his staff, I got a second chance to have a quality of life, which has been an answer to mine and many others’ prayers. I got the gift of being able to live a normal life, pain-free.

David Alcox
January 8, 2016

Michael E. Smith

United States

To Whom It May Concern,

I have suffered with severe peripheral neuropathy for several years. It started out in my feet, with numbness and tingling accompanied by pain and a burning sensation that started in my toes, but eventually worked its way throughout my foot. As my condition worsened, the pain and burning eventually worked it’s way up my calves into my legs and thighs. I am not diabetic, and didn’t have a history of problems with neuropathy in my family, and this was unbearable. It had gotten so bad I wouldn’t be able to sleep, I would be up all night writhing in pain, eventually relenting and taking a pain pill, which would only take the edge off and allow me to sleep for little more than a few hours before I was up and in pain again.

In the past few years I have seen many different doctors in trying to find respite from my pain. I paid for hyperbaric treatments for many months out of my pocket, which would give some relief, but only temporarily, and even that stopped helping after a while. I went and received dozens of Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) injections directly into my feet, which hurt a lot, and didn’t show much improvement. I saw at least 3 other doctors as well, none of which had any permanent solutions, just injections that would help a little, but only temporarily. I was having trouble keeping up with the demands of my company and employees, and getting depressed and angry at times as a result.

My friend, Paul, said he had a buddy in Costa Rica, who had recently developed a company, Genesis Health Services that was associated with a doctor who was doing great things at his clinic in Nicaragua, helping many different people with various ailments. That friend was Terry Massey, and boy am I glad I talked to him! He told me that the doctor used the embryonic stem cells found in a healthy newborn’s umbilical cord, as well as a regimen of antibiotics and a “clean” diet that could help, if not completely cure, my peripheral neuropathy. Terry also assured me the stem cells were not from aborted babies, as that was very important to me as a pro-life Christian man. I couldn’t wait!

I flew to Liberia, Costa Rica, where Terry was there to pick me up and take me to our hotel down the street. In the morning he picked us up personally, and drove us over to Nicaragua to the beautiful little beach community. In the morning Doctor himself picked me up from the hotel, took me to his little clinic, and treated me there, explaining everything in detail before he did it.

After a few days treatment at the clinic, Terry got us back across the border quickly and safely to Costa Rica, where we stayed at a hotel on the beach in Coco, Costa Rica for a few days before Terry gave us a ride back to the airport in Liberia for our trip home.

After sticking to Clinic’s treatment plan for 120 days, my neuropathy in my thighs, legs, and calves was 100% cured, and my feet are better than they have been in years! It worked so well I am looking forward to returning to Nicaragua again in the coming months!

My sincerest thanks to Doctor, his staff, and Terry, for making this possible for me.

Michael Smith