Experience paradise…experience Nicaragua

Nicaragua is truly deserving of  the moniker “The land of Lakes and Volcanoes’. It is rapidly becoming the ‘crown jewel’ of Central America.

You will find the people of Nicaragua welcoming and warm with a zest for life. They will welcome you as if they have known you all their lives.

Nicaragua has a rich and thrilling history. One of conquest and revolution. And now one of peace and harmony. President Ortega’s government has created a country that is considered one of the safest in all of Central America. The numbers prove it! The infrastructure and growth has not gone unnoticed by the World. Nicaragua is emerging as the place to be for business, retirement and now cutting edge medical technologies that have been crushed by the bureaucracies of other nations.

If you decide to explore Nicaragua during your Genesis Health Care Services experience, please contact us and let us handle your needs! Our procedures do not render you bedridden for days or hours. During the two days of treatment you will be with the Clinic personnel for approximately eight (8) hours TOTAL. You and your companion (or family) can enjoy the truly wonderful country and people of Nicaragua.

We can arrange trips to the Colonial city of Granada located on the shores of Lake Nicaragua, one of the largest freshwater lakes in the World. Relax on the beach under an umbrella and gaze at the volcanoes a short distance away. Or travel north to the Mukul (Mayan word for ‘secret’) Resort. A beautiful oceanside spa, 37 rooms, each with a view of the ocean. Or try the fairways at the 18-hole Guacalito Golf Course.


Paralysis by analysis is the most serious disease one can have. As you stand at the starting line analyzing how you will run the race…..others are already running. Don’t stand at the starting line…..START!

Terry B. Massey, Founder, Genesis Health Services